Can we choose or photo locations for our photo shoot?

Yes, though it is always a good idea to discuss and agree upon locations for a variety of reasons.

How many images do we receive and how long after the wedding will we receive them?

Most weddings will receive between 500 and 600 images with minor editing. It usually takes 5-6 weeks for the images to be ready – though this can vary at busy times of the year.

Are the images watermarked?

No, all images you receive will be high res quality with no watermark.

Can we select images for our album?

Yes, the design process involves you choosing 70 images for the album (unless booking the fast turnaround package)

How do we choose are images and do they have major retouching?

You will receive a link to your online gallery. You can choose the images from there or send a list via email. All images used in the album have major retouching.

Do we have a say in the design of the album?

Yes, an initial design will uploaded for viewing online, and you may make one round of changes to the design (unless booking a fast turnaround package). Any following changes may incur a redesign fee.

Can we have different types of album covers?

Yes – please refer to the product list (which is also online) for further options.

How do you stay in touch with interstate/overseas clients?

Email, Skype and phone calls are used regularly in communicating with clients whether they are interstate/overseas or local. Appointments are also made when I know I will be in your area.